"Striving to meet the needs of: 
Administrators, Faculty and Students"

About the staff

Donald D. Snyder - Don has worked in the area of education 
for 32 years serving the public schools in the state of Missouri. 
22 of those years, he spent working for the Department of 
Education in Jefferson City, Missouri. In the past five years, 
Snyder has marketed modular classrooms for one of the leading 
manufacturer and suppliers in the state.
Loyd D. Perkins - Dale has worked in the Mobile home 
business for 27 years. For the past 7 years he has become an 
entrepreneur in the mobile home industry and has gained a vast 
amount of experience working with the public.
Clarence E. Jett - Jett is a certified public accountant and has 
30 years of experience assisting businesses with their financial 
planning and accounting functions. Currently, he is employed with 
the MOREnet Operation for the University of Missouri and maintains
his own certified public accounting firm on a part-time basis where 
he specializes in corporate and individual taxes

About the Staff
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